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  • Leo Arnaud - Olympic Fanfare from the Buglers Dream | HL35016004

Leo Arnaud - Olympic Fanfare from the Buglers Dream | HL35016004


Product Description

Leo Arnaud - Olympic Fanfare from the Buglers Dream by Leo Arnaud. Piano Sheet Music and CD-ROM. 6 pages. Choral. Published by Hal Leonard.

UPC: 747510188247.
Type: Softcover with disk.

Your Concert Performer CD uses a special hybrid format to present both audio and MIDI data. Track 1 contains an audio performance playable on any CD player or computer equipped with CD-ROM drive and audio CD player software. Track 2 is a special audio study track, on which you'll hear the same performance as Track 1 at a slower speed. Listening to and playing along with this track can help you resolve questions of rhythm and interpretation as you are learning the piece. Track 3 contains an audio performance of the Piano Solo with a MIDI-Orchestra accompaniment. Track 4 contains an audio performance of the MIDI-Orchestra accompaniment only, for rehearsal or live Piano performance. MIDI data is provided for both Macintosh and IBM-compatible computers. In order to use these files, you must have software designed to play and/or edit MIDI files. The file is a Type 1 Standard MIDI file (SMF) and is completely compatible with most current hardware and software sequencers and players. The instrument assignments conform to the General MIDI Standard. To practice hands separately, open one of the following MIDI files: MIDI file A Piano: Right Hand; MIDI file B Piano: Left Hand/Damper Pedal. Change the tempo or even transpose the whole piece to a new key. Create your own background, the possibilities are endless!es are endless!

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